The Victory Cross

Victory Cross, sterling silver with sterling silver neck wire, easy to put on
- no difficult, time consuming clasps,
- can be used also for other pendants.

The Victory Cross

The Victory Cross - History

The Victory Cross was designed by Pamella, Jewelry Designer, to commemorate the struggle and victory to keep the Mt. Soledad Cross atop Mount Soledad in La Jolla.
This War memorial has honored veterans from all faiths but one non resident atheist fought for eighteen years to have it removed, calling it "a Southern Cross" and a religious symbol.  Seventy five percent of the residents voted to keep the cross where it is.
As one politician so aptly put it - "If there were no God there would be no atheists." This piece of jewelry is unique in that it is one Pamella Design that is produced for sale universally with a portion of each sale to be donated to The Thomas More Law Center who defended the memorial, pro bono, throughout the years and who never gave up on the cause. The losing attorney has been granted $760,000 attorney fees by the San Diego City Council.
It is to be worn with pride, especially by travelers, to show their solidarity with their faith that is being attacked daily.

La Jolla, CA
January, 2008

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