"SCHMETTERLING". 18k gold pendant with 44.72 ct butterfly citrine and 8 cultured pearls and 16 diamonds on 18k gold solid wire.

 PAMELLA'S ANGELS: A round,  smoky topaz - 207 carats - in 14k gold with an angel carved into the stone on a freshwater pearl necklace.

 PAMELLA'S ANGELS: A 217   carat freeform yellow quartz with pearl necklace.  A white angel is cut into the stone and mounted in 14k gold.

PAMELLA'S ANGELS:  A large, 456.15 carat, pear-shaped smoky quartz, specially cut in Brazil to Pamella's exact specifications, with a young girl cut into the stone encased in 14k gold and with a 14k gold spring wire necklace.

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