Pamella Design Studio

The design and manufacture of fine jewelry

Pamella Is An Internationally
Recognized Jewelry Designer
and a GIA Graduate

About Pamella:

Always fascinated by gemstones, Pamella started collecting and designing jewelry many years ago when she was unable to purchase anything but ordinary, uninspired designs.  She never liked flat, uninteresting pieces.  Her designs float up and out like soaring sculptures. To achieve just the right balance many hours go into the engineering of these designs. Most pieces are cast with the lost wax method. Frequently, the gemstones are faceted to her specifications, so she achieves the most facets to produce the greatest fire and color.  She finds inspirations for her designs everywhere.  The artistic achievements of the past have a great influence, yet surprisingly, many pieces are quite contemporary. The highly promoted international jewelers are still designing what Pamella calls "dowager jewelry", cluttered with stones, most designs similar year after year.  She prefers graceful, simple lines surrounding a central large stone.  The larger the stone the better.
Each titled design is exclusive and will not be repeated by Pamella.  They are truly originals.

251.58 carat natural aquamarine

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